Graduate Seminars

Graduate Logic (UT Austin)

Norms of Credence

        (with Roger White, at MIT)

Epistemic Planning

         (with Jane Friedman, at NYU)

Applications of Bayesianism to Topics in Epistemology

        (with Sinan Dogramaci, at UT Austin)

From Metaethics to Metaepistemology 

       (with Sinan Dogramaci, at UT Austin) 

Higher Order Evidence (UT Austin)

Undergraduate Courses

Philosophy of Race and Gender

Introduction to Logic 

Theory of Knowledge 

Contemporary Moral Problems 

Other Teaching

I taught Symbolic Logic at the Fishkill Correctional Facility through the Bard Prison Initiative and at Norfolk Correctional Institute through Boston University. 

I’ve tutored Math and SAT prep with New York Cares, The Young People’s Project  The Waltham Group, and Tutoring Plus.  

I’ve been a teaching assistant for Logic and Mathematical Logic at the Center for Talented Youth, and I taught English for about a year at AUA in Chiang Mai, Thailand.