Logistics (from the owners)

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THINGS TO BRING: Include Paper Towels as we do not provide them, towels for the hot tub and lake, extra toilet paper ( If you want. We do provide enough toilet paper to cover your group size and your time staying so if you run out please bring extra just in case), insect repellent, bug spray and sun screen. ( we spray the yard for insects often and usually do not have many mosquito's unless we have excessive rain.) If you have anything on ice when you get to the home please do NOT dump the ice in the grass as it kills the grass. Please dump the ice on the BBQ deck or in the drive way but again NOT in the grass. PLEASE throw any grease in the trash NOT the grass as it kills the grass for a whole year. 

For a complete list of suggested supplies to bring plus other helpful info about the home please click the link below: